Website Analysis

Website Security

What Lies Beneath a Website’s Surface?

Many believe that a great website lies just in the physical appearance of a website, but they could not be more wrong on that matter. 

The visual design of a website, is barely scratching the surface. 

Beneath the surface of all websites, there is a professional web designer who is working to make sure some of the following items are done properly and effectively (or at the very least, to communicate to their client the importance of these items):

Website Analysis

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – working to make sure your website comes up faster in organic searches 

Website Security – are your client’s protected against theft of their personal information?

Proper Google Business Integration

Mobile Usability

Proper Links

Website Speed

Safe Plugins

Proper Utilization of the Best Plugins

Internal & External Links


Proper Keyword Use

Smart URLs

Scalability & Strategy

If you are not sure if you have most or all of these items, or whether you are set up to do well in organic searches, the we are the company for you!

Tallis Graphic Design offers a full analysis of your website, with point-by-point suggestions and strategy, for a flat rate. This includes review of your entire site, review of your Google Business Account and analysis, and keyword searches to determine if your site is properly set up to come up on organic engine searches. We also will offer a free quote to any who wish to proceed with any suggestions upon analysis completion.