We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Feel free to reach out at any time with details on your project and designs you require.

All of our services come with UNLIMITED revisions!

New Logo Design

The package for a new logo includes a vector EPS file of your logo, for professional and commercial printing. It also includes multiple JPEG files with different backgrounds, a PNG watermark with transparent backing, and social media files for profile pictures and cover photos. This package does not include a favicon icon for your website.

Changes to Logo (Tallis Design)

If we have already finalized your logo design, and you require changes to be made after finalization, we can certainly assist. We do charge a small “after finalization fee” for any changes.

Changes to Non-Tallis Logo

If we have already finalized your logo design with another graphic design company, and you require changes to be made after finalization, we can certainly assist. As long as you have the EPS file for us to be able to make the changes. If you do not have an EPS file, please see our product listing on “converting your JPEG logo to an EPS file” below.

Logo Branch Off

A logo branch off is an alternate version of your logo. Say for example you have done your company logo, but you require another version including your slogan, or perhaps adding an “Ltd” at then end… etc. This is considered a logo branch off. Small additional charges apply.

Recreation Logo in as Vector

Some businesses only have a very basic JPEG logo, that they perhaps designed themselves or a friend did. Or their have misplaced their EPS vector file for their logo. We are happy to assist you in recreating your logo in vector format for large prints. We may not be able to get it exact for you, depending on if you are in contact with your other designer, but we can get it close!

Favicon Design

A favicon, or website icon, is a simplified version of your logo designed to fit into a very small space, such as a website browser or as bullet points. An example of a favicon could me looking at the Netflix logo. The full logo has their entire business name, but their simplified favicon icon, just has the letter N. This is displayed at the top of a website tab when you are viewing their website. There is a very small additional charge for design of a favicon.

Business Card Design

We can assist you in designing something unique for you when it comes to business cards. Sure, there are templates out there to use, but then you know your design is never 100% original. We can do single-sided, or double-sided designs, as well as create cards ready for foils, or business cards in unique shapes, such as circles.

Brochure/Pamphlet Design

Brochures are a fantastic way to spread word about your business. They come in many varieties, such as bi-fold and tri-fold, or double/single sided. We charge per page for brochure design, but as always, this includes unlimited revisions.

Booklet Design

We have designed a number of booklets for clients. These can range from realty booklets, to product booklets, to step-by-step guides. We have also designed manual covers and booklet divider pages as well. We can do any of it for you, if it is something you wish to add to your marketing brand.

Instagram Highlight Icons

Many clients are now wishing for their own unique icons to add to Instagram highlights. This gives companies a great way to advertise their image, which also posting photos to Instagram and advertising through that as well.

Business Booklets

We can design HR tools for businesses, such as employee handbooks, training manuals and custom company file folders.

Instagram/Facebook Advertisements

We are happy to assist you in designing advertisements for Instagram and Facebook, or other social media platforms. These will sized to fit the platform dimensions properly. We are also happy to post, create hashtags, etc., if you are unfamiliar with advertising through these channels.

Website Design

We offer very reasonable hourly rates for website design. We can work with you to design you something eye-catching and unique to your business. Having a strong website is very important for any business.

SEO Work

SEO, or, “search engine optimization”, is the process of making your business stand out over others, and show up on Google sooner than other businesses in the same fields. This is important for web advertising and expanding.

Online Catalog / Online Store

We are happy to assist you in setting up your online store, payment, checkouts and other items associated with this! Note that many website providers require a special package to set up online stores.

Poster Design

Product Label Design

Personal Photo Collage

Memorial Posters

Standee Design

Door Hanger Designs

Wedding Designs

Family Planners

Vehicle Decals

Event Tickets

Info Sheets/Handouts


Gift Certificates

Avery Label Friendly Printable Sheets

Thank You / Greeting Cards

Wedding /Birthday Invitations

Personalized Handouts

Holiday Marketing

Gamer Tags

Engraving Designs

Jersey Logos

Custom Notepads

Ranch Logos / Branding

Realty/Other Signs

If what you require is not listed above…chances are, we can still help. Let’s build something together.