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Logos are one of the very first things most business owners begin thinking about when building a brand. The key thing to remember when hiring a logo designer, is that you want something that is 100% you, your brand, and safe for you to use. You want original artwork and commercially safe fonts, or, if you are set on using a font from the web, someone who can offer advice about purchasing font licenses. There are fonts on the web that can be used commercially, with either a donation, attribution or payment made to the creator of that font. You want logo design that is a fit for you and also runs no risk of legal implications or hiccups when it comes time to print decals, marketing materials and signage.

The Design You Will Forever See

Logo Design - Tallis Graphic Design

If you are serious about your business succeeding, then having a proper and professional logo design, in many formats, is a must. A logo is something that will reflect your brand and your image through the entirety of your business career, and it is important. It must be clean, properly done and safe to use. A professional logo design takes time. It will be the representation of your business for years to come.

Our professional logo package includes unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with and in love with your logo. Tallis Graphic Design draws all of our artwork to avoid any copyright risk, and we only use fonts with no risk of violation of commercial license laws (Adobe fonts). This means your logo will be completely original and exact to your business and brand. This package includes over 50 files.

Vector Files (EPS file and AiEPS) –
These files can be used by other graphic designers or product printers to blow up your logo as big as you would ever want it

Social Media Profile Pictures (JPG)
With multiple backings

Social Media Cover Photos
With multiple backings

PNG Files
With transparent backings that you can use as a watermarks to stick on images or other backgrounds that you choose

Watermarks (PNG)
White, black and colour

PSD Files
If Requested

PDF files

SVG files

Colour Code Chart
For your brand, with codes so that your branding stays consistent in colour in the future

Royalty Free Background Image Logos

Website Favicon (Icon)
A favicon is the little icon that goes at the top of web browsers when someone is viewing your webpage

SEO Article

Website Checklist

Website Security Tips

Branding Tips

Download our Branding Article

Not sure what you want in your logo? Tallis Graphic Design can assist! We also have an article that may offer you some inspiration in deciding what road to take! Making sure that our clients are 100% happy with their logo and branding colours is our logo mission. We also have several other helpful articles on our Cheat Sheets page.

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